Accelerate the e-commerce with Revenue Central Platform

All-in-one platform to help the SMEs accelerate the e-commerce by launching the scalable one within 12 weeks and success in digital transformation

the solution

The features of
our platform

Rapid e-commerce

Rapid e-commerce development
Launch scalable ecommerce within 12 weeks.

Search Optimization
Improve search engine ranking and content to help customers discover products before finding competitors

Customer Experience and Data

Customer Data Platform
All-in-one platform: customer data from web, social, sms, call center….

Customer Experience Mapping
Customer interaction application. Customer services design and touchpoints

Marketing Mix Optimization

Performance Marketing
Balance long-term brand building vs short-term marketing performance by inbound marketing.

Maximize conversion rate
Get more qualify leads and optimize the sales conversion rate.

Digital Operating Model

Order process management
Save cost by reducing HR and timing in order process management.

Modularize capabilities for customer engagement, order-to-delivery, product and assortment planning, pricing and promotion.