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We are an inbound marketing agency dedicated to small and medium enterprises in Vietnam. We drive the business growth by building up a solid foundation to raise brand awareness, keep your customer engage, and grow revenue.

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Marketing is a revenue center

In the middle of 2019, an interview with 30 SME owners showed that 100% realized the need for change in the view of the marketing department from a cost center to a revenue driver.

Please, do not set the marketing technology as strategy

Marketers usually get trapped in a hundred of software and systems since they want to set the marketing technology as a strategy. They spend enormous effort and money. But Only 10% of them successes with digital transformation.

The consumer behavior has changed because of Covid-19 but the SMEs have not

According Deloitte Consulting, the consumer engagement has changed and the company must consider for the ecommerce rapidly. Brand should shift away from spending marketing budget on PR and communication to content and digital to drive the online sales.

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Phi Huynh

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